Analog games written and designed by Jeremy Alva



You and your fellow ghosts have been summoned back to the world of the living by some nerds, and now it’s time to dump these losers and go out to complete some unfinished business, ghost style!



Moonshine is a map-building board game set during Prohibition Era US, where players act as moonshine runners trying to collect hooch and return to base before the others, while also evading the fuzz.


To Be Frankie

To Be Frankie is a card-based storytelling game where players will read scenarios, and narratively play emotion cards to dictate how the eponymous Frankie will respond to each situation.


Round Robin Tabletop Game system

The Round Robin game system is a free shared-storytelling, single-d20 game system that can be used to tell any sort of story with any number of players.


Beescape From Planet X

The year is 8335 BĒ, and long ago Earth’s bees left their planet to find a new world to call their home. You are Beeple, a peaceful race who have evolved to communicate through dance! Beescape From Planet B is a freeform speechless LARP.

Written with Ryan Griffith.


What The Bullet Sang

What The Bullet Sang is a freeform LARP about life as a survivor following a tragic, life-altering event-- an attack, a natural disaster, or an accident-- where the players will see its longstanding effects on the individuals and their community as time unfolds around them.


Journey To Aurora

Together, a group of travelers must journey through the shifting sands of an arid desert to reach the Aurora, a mystical event where every tenth season the veil between our world and the next thins. Journey To Aurora is a freeform LARP.



Public opinion has shifted, and has entered the political conversation in way that threatens the civil liberties and freedom of the people. It is now time for strangers to come together in unity, and take to the streets in order to protest these attacks on personal freedom, and to demonstrate the importance of this issue in the lives of everyone.


If I Won

If I Won is a freeform LARP exploring office workers on the eve of winning the lottery. They have all gone in on the office pool, and are talking about what they will do with their portion of the winnings.